Well we did it. Episode 10 has been attained. I've been running around with my head cut off these past few weeks- between 14 hour work days and husbandly duties there has been zero time for any extra curricular activity save editing podcasts with bloodshot eyes. The intro ended up sounding a little tinny and hollow in an otherwise solid podcast, but damn-it anyway if i just want this episode done so i can get some rest. 

Welcome Robbie Fernuk to the conversation. Robbie is a self proclaimed 'terrible gamer' as stated personally in his article he wrote for us all those months ago here. We can all relate to being terrible at something, but to be terrible at something that you love to do takes an extra bit of perseverance and a pile of patience. Enjoy the show, lets hear what you think in the comments below!


This week we invited a good friend of ours to the show to share some personal historical struggles with World of Warcraft. Tyler Goesen. Jordan takes a break from flipping burgers and re-joins the Gismo crew. Overwatch beta is back and the Goose is all over it. Jordan gets real personal and Tristan attempts to hold it all together and not choke on his coffee. 

Were working the new 'format' into the show this time with as few hiccups as possible. Listen, enjoy, leave comments and don't be shy, it wont get you very far.

Games covered this week:

Overwatch, Helldivers, Witcher 3, The Witness, Year Walk, WoW, 


Im sorry guys but this is so amazing that keeping it to myself would be a crime. WHY has this never happened before? Pump this shit loud and bask in the Christmas synthwave glory! Can't think of much else to say about it, as withanything of quality it speaks for itself. This track is great but the whole album is wonderful. MERRY CHRISTMAS Gismoers we've recorded several more podcasts which we will edit and post in the coming week. Until then high fives and enjoy. Track 3 in particular is great.

You know how you make a good track!?

Ya know how great tracks are made? It's an exact science and fairly straight forward. You use an analog synthesizer from 1985 or earlier. Record some badass dreamy shit. Put that shit onto a used cassette tape, then put that tape through a washing machine for at least 3 cycles. Then you send it through a time portal in space where it spends centuries and eventually warps to the year 2015, melts onto a hard drive and is then deposited into your ear holes for your listening pleasure. Your welcome.