Gismos Episode....ummm 13?

Well, well, well. It has certainly been a minute hasn't it friends? About a 7 month long minute. So what do we have to say for ourselves? An inarticulate gesture with a gaping maw and some unintelligible muttering is about the best we can do. We simply got busy adulting, prioritizing other things like careers, wives/girlfriends/fiance's, artistic interests etc. You know how it is. Comparatively the whole " Hey i got a job so i can buy all the games i want....but, can't play games because i have a job" complex has been running through our minds lately as an apt comparison to our situation as of late. 

So were back, and were not apologizing for the hiatus....or the lack of news regarding said hiatus. We got the band back together, including Jordan, which is kind of a big deal since we haven't been in a room together officially, all at the same time, in...well... ever. Sure were a bit rusty but that's all part of the dazzling charm of the Evade Gismo crew isn't it? Welcome back to the Gismos friends please enjoy! Leave your whimsical comments below and sound off with any questions or topics youd like to hear us yammer about.

GISMOS_11 - That's some mean shit right there.

Well, we've made it to the snake eyes version of the Gismos. Miraculous really, considering all the jobs our staff has recently procured. Due to my recent acquisition of the Bubonic Plague and my microphone somehow also getting sick and choosing not to work our intro will be absent this episode. At the very least i can transcribe what i would have said and it goes something like this:

Here we go again friends in this episode 11 of the Gismos.

The recently released "Tom Clancys The Division" has your character answering a 'call to arms.' The takeaway is that your a specialized citizen- a firefighter, ex marine, medic, doctor or technician of some sort who has been chosen to....essentially become a remorseless killer.

How much longer can this hypocrisy of the 'hero' video game character droll on for? Is it heroic to round a street corner and open fucking fire at anyone wearing a hood? Who shoots first is ultimately irrelevant as the outcome is always the same. you live they die. Your characters typical blaz'e reaction to the whole thing is almost as bad as the act itself.

But its all justified isn't it? Your sent by...someone, to find the cause of the virus outbreak and bring a stop to those responsible without any attempt at conversation- just the old buck-em and scram tactic. Its amazing that the games involving murder simply run the motions
with absolutely no regard for your characters actions withing the narrative. Cuz everybody's a killer, so why bother explaining it?

I've just recently become hyper aware of the contradiction facing many games today- whos the bad guy here really? I just can't ignore it anymore. Many would argue that its just a game and shooting things is good enougt for them. But i say why settle for bare bones mindlessness? its time for games to grow up with the players.


Well we did it. Episode 10 has been attained. I've been running around with my head cut off these past few weeks- between 14 hour work days and husbandly duties there has been zero time for any extra curricular activity save editing podcasts with bloodshot eyes. The intro ended up sounding a little tinny and hollow in an otherwise solid podcast, but damn-it anyway if i just want this episode done so i can get some rest. 

Welcome Robbie Fernuk to the conversation. Robbie is a self proclaimed 'terrible gamer' as stated personally in his article he wrote for us all those months ago here. We can all relate to being terrible at something, but to be terrible at something that you love to do takes an extra bit of perseverance and a pile of patience. Enjoy the show, lets hear what you think in the comments below!


It's a big fat EPISODE 9 in yo faces friends! BiIIIIg spoilers ahead for Firewatch...gargantuan even so dodge this particular podcast if you haven't played it yet. Or face it head on to hear about what we really though in this Firewatch sitdown. See it's like a round table but we don't actually have a round table, or a table at all for that matter, so its more of a gangster style 'sitdown' if you will. Yes sitdown is now one word you can thank the Italians for that one. 


Since were not in the industry as working game pros we can only speak for our experiences as adult gamers. From our perspective were the 'workin'mans gamer- experts in our own rights, which we're not exactly proud of - but content with the understanding that it's an unavoidable pass time for us. Working man is a title which affords us the right to comment and criticize other peoples hard work (as custodians of our own opinions) with a great approximate knowledge of many  things within the video game realm.

This week Kevin tests the waters of video game piracy - whether or not Black Beard is rolling (or swimming) in his grave or raising his glass to the 'lifestyle' is yet to be determined. Pete asks if the term RPG  is relevant anymore, and i wonder if there are too many video games these days. 

What do you lovely people think? Comments and questions please!