Gismos Episode....ummm 13?

Well, well, well. It has certainly been a minute hasn't it friends? About a 7 month long minute. So what do we have to say for ourselves? An inarticulate gesture with a gaping maw and some unintelligible muttering is about the best we can do. We simply got busy adulting, prioritizing other things like careers, wives/girlfriends/fiance's, artistic interests etc. You know how it is. Comparatively the whole " Hey i got a job so i can buy all the games i want....but, can't play games because i have a job" complex has been running through our minds lately as an apt comparison to our situation as of late. 

So were back, and were not apologizing for the hiatus....or the lack of news regarding said hiatus. We got the band back together, including Jordan, which is kind of a big deal since we haven't been in a room together officially, all at the same time, in...well... ever. Sure were a bit rusty but that's all part of the dazzling charm of the Evade Gismo crew isn't it? Welcome back to the Gismos friends please enjoy! Leave your whimsical comments below and sound off with any questions or topics youd like to hear us yammer about.