Tristan Mowat

Born and raised in North Vancouver, British Columbia Tristan sees himself as a 'Generalist.' He's intrigued by many subjects and skills but is found without the time to spend his attention on any one thing in particular.  Often he's found mitigating his responsibilities with fictional worlds, and whisky. If he's not working at the ambulance station then he would be helping his wife Camilla d'Errico at comic conventions selling her fabulous wares or on a movie set. Seemingly, aesthetically speaking, video games have been his primary reason for getting up in the morning (and coffee) they are his therapy, his escape, his challenge, adjective adjective adjective.


Jordan Mowat

Born in North Vancouver, BC, Jordan occupies an awkward space between writer, student, wizard, line cook, and gamer, and seeks the cosmic significance in everything from doing the dishes to street sign design. Historically, he's more easily found such deeper meanings inside of video-game cartridges, paperback covers, and ancient mythology, but the calling can really be heard from anywhere. Jordan games almost exclusively on PC nowadays, but has a record including thousands of hours on Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony consoles up until third gen.