As video-games work their way into the collective psyche, they're increasingly referenced in pop music. Characterized as deeply addictive and weirdly spiritual, the ragtag discography of video-game odes ranges from The Who's megafamous Pinball Wizard, to Lana del Rey's dreary Video Games, to wherever the heck DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist found this obscure nugget of Atari-addled country music, Hooked on Atari.

But nothing hits all the nostalgic notes of the now-bygone era of the quarter-hungry video-game arcade like Lemon Demon's Cabinet Man, a synth-driven ballad about a man who seems to have been biomechanically integrated into one such cabinet machine... with sinister results. 

Thank God for business, they let me take the floor
I stood so proudly, like I was going to war
Players soon appeared and I quickly was revered
This must be what love would have felt like
Such dedication, they came from miles away
With eyes so piercing, they’d wait their turn to play
In perfect patient lines because I was in their minds
I could do whatever I felt like


Well we did it. Episode 10 has been attained. I've been running around with my head cut off these past few weeks- between 14 hour work days and husbandly duties there has been zero time for any extra curricular activity save editing podcasts with bloodshot eyes. The intro ended up sounding a little tinny and hollow in an otherwise solid podcast, but damn-it anyway if i just want this episode done so i can get some rest. 

Welcome Robbie Fernuk to the conversation. Robbie is a self proclaimed 'terrible gamer' as stated personally in his article he wrote for us all those months ago here. We can all relate to being terrible at something, but to be terrible at something that you love to do takes an extra bit of perseverance and a pile of patience. Enjoy the show, lets hear what you think in the comments below!


Im sorry guys but this is so amazing that keeping it to myself would be a crime. WHY has this never happened before? Pump this shit loud and bask in the Christmas synthwave glory! Can't think of much else to say about it, as withanything of quality it speaks for itself. This track is great but the whole album is wonderful. MERRY CHRISTMAS Gismoers we've recorded several more podcasts which we will edit and post in the coming week. Until then high fives and enjoy. Track 3 in particular is great.