This week we invited a good friend of ours to the show to share some personal historical struggles with World of Warcraft. Tyler Goesen. Jordan takes a break from flipping burgers and re-joins the Gismo crew. Overwatch beta is back and the Goose is all over it. Jordan gets real personal and Tristan attempts to hold it all together and not choke on his coffee. 

Were working the new 'format' into the show this time with as few hiccups as possible. Listen, enjoy, leave comments and don't be shy, it wont get you very far.

Games covered this week:

Overwatch, Helldivers, Witcher 3, The Witness, Year Walk, WoW, 


space shuttle endeavor.jpg

Tristan, Kevin and old man Petie boy help themselves to a big bite out of the old conversation pie. We take a new and possibly improved format for a test spin. Pete compares Kevins mancave to Silent Hill 4 'The Room.' Kevin wonders if anyone saw the latest James Bond 'film' and does anybody really care? Impressions on Mr.Blows latest game 'The Witness' are also heard to have been remarked.  A gawd awful intermission song takes place....sadly and we talk about our questions for the week: What are your favorite and most memorable game mechanics? Which do you prefer the game character improving or improving as a user? and what does EA origin have to do to win you back as a consumer, assuming you were one to begin with. All this and so much more right here in the Gismos! 

We encourage you wonderful listeners to participate. It's much more fun that way. By any means you feel is necessary- write us, rate our podcast subscribe and ask questions, fuck make a statement just so we know your alive and paying attention. And again folks, thanks for using your precious time to hear us out, we know its the most valuable thing you can afford us.


This week we begin with a Hateful 8 non-spoilery discussion with some award show thoughts mixed in as well. Kevin holds his Nintendo allegience hostage. Pete wonders what happened to the RTS format and i question the art of the video game trailer.

We've been kicking around some ideas for a better and richer podcast that would involve a different kind of review format so hang in there. Also, trying not to sound like jackasses is pending further conversation. 


Welcome back you lovely people. We have a few new, voices added to the EG roster as of late. Kevin McKenzie and Pete Krouzelka. Both of which are old friends of ours who have always had a whole lot to say about video games; the state of the industry, innovation and gaming from a consumers perspective. But lets be clear, we simply play a lot of games, if 10,000 hours makes someone an expert then, well...were experts but certainly not professional Journalists. This allows us to drop a few C-Bombs here and there but that should not reflect the mostly insightful and informative conversation. Man your horse friends we've got a lot to talk about...apparently.


Gosmos_03 - 2016 BIG GAME HUNT

If you type 'videogames 2016' into Google what comes up is one anticipated title after another. All we see at Evade Gismo in place of said games are clocks. Big analogue motherfuckers; grand daddy hands ticking away. Sure they're magnificent and opulent. But would you put 20 of them in your bedroom at once?  It's a veritable nerdgasm of a life well wasted.

'Oh this time...this time, this years gonna be amazing...this could be the best year for games, like,  ever!" Says everybody at the beginning of every year since the 80's. If you shut your eyes and hope hard enough  and hold your breath long enough you might hear the flap or buzz of the videogame fairy next to your ear asking you about your game budget for the year. 

The lineup is promising. What will you be playing this year?