I know, i know, were a little late to the Carpenter game here. But who dies anymore really!? If you happened to be a major player in the entertainment business there is a good chance your soul is indelibly immortalized within the very fabric of the internet. Since he passed away i've been learning all sorts of things about the Master of Horror. For some reason i thought the actor Jennifer Carpenter was his daughter, to my dismay this is not the case. Shes still hot though and her performance in Quarantine was exceptional. She can scream a block down though, that's certain!

Reading through his filmography its difficult not to assume that this man was a babysitter. I know he was for me when i was a brat. No he didn't come to my house and he certainly did not tuck me into bed, the opposite really. He kept me very awake at night. So it seems he was the worst babysitter of all time, but his films left me dreaming. Which is the greatest gift of all.

Also he was a badass music producer. He created many of the film scores of the projects he Directed and Wrote. This i had just discovered today and it deserves a listening to. Its a lost mix of scores he never released. I don't typically do this but "Thanks internet. Today you have been good to me."

Please enjoy