2015 happened, whether we wanted it to or not, for better or worse it's finally reached the pinnacle of its decadence and is ready to die. Happy new year you wannabe christians (following this particular calendar year), its time to reflect on where we spent our time and what ended up being worth all of the whiles.

Myself and my little brother transcended drunken promises into a literal website that we are both quite proud of. At the very least it's given us excuses to hang out together and play video games for a greater cause. We started a podcast because its easier than writing. We destroyedall the online hurdles that got in our way and leveled up in our writing game. It was a good year and we want to thank you all for spending your precious time with us. We've said it before and well say it again so don't go rolling your eyes. 

Podcasting is not as easy as assumed. Talking about something your passionate about doesn't seem like work. Until you revisit a seemingly cohesive and reasonable conversation of yourself you can not understand how hot the threshold of hell can become. I sound like a whiny idiot who has no clue what hes talking about. My own voice cuts through me like a rusty dentist drill. When i speak- i fill the air with run on sentences. If i played a drinking game for every time i said "uh, ummm, like" id be dumpster drunk in 10 minutes. Editing the podcast caused me to approach my wife; shake her asking "I feel like i'm Hugh Grant! Tell me i'm not Hugh Grant...tell me im not a bumbling idiot!" She told me so and i didn't feel any better about myself. "Just keep doing it" i say, "it'll all fall into place and if i keep listening to myself talk ill learn why i sound stupid."

Point is here's a new podcast and thank you.


FUCKING FINALLY!!! The hard parts over, our podcast is up on iTunes and you can get it here. What an enormous pain in the ass it was getting it up and running. Now i understand those podcasts about podcasting. The technicalities of the software and marrying it all together made me feel like a disabled 5 year old attempting to assemble Ikea furniture, the word of note here being 'attempting.' A humbling and enlightening experience. But its done now so we can move on with our lives and concentrate on interesting stuff to deliberate.

Were calling this episode 0 in order to absolve ourselves of any responsibility. Now that we know whats - what we can start creating reasonably entertaining content and maybe get a second mic so we sound like we know what were talking about. We feel we can get the point across in shorter, more digestible pieces thus the 46 min run time so keeping it under an hour will be our goal. Unless you like listening to people talk about what they ate for lunch or why they called their cat marbles or whatever the hell people carry on about in a 3 1/2 hr podcast. Who has time for that?