For us the podcasts over the holidays have been flowing like turkey gravy; thick, rich and creamy. We recorded 3 new episodes in 2 days. Not bad. At best we feel that an episode a week is reasonable. Once we grease the old computer wheels and get a routine flowing everything will fall into place. Certain emotions simply cant be expressed with mere words, inflection and stuttered F-bombs yearn to be heard so we bought a new portable recorder and have been podcasting from the Gismobile. Yeah you heard me. Were recording from my car. Its the best...and coincidentally the cheapest semi-insulated environment we could think of, and its pretty much a locked set. Unless your parked in your old neighborhood  and an old high school acquaintance you barely knew lets himself in and wonders why people don't hotbox anymore. 

Apologies for the tardiness of this cast. We chose to release it well after the films release in order to not let our emotions get the best of us and hand out 10/10's like taekwondo black belts.