Stay Classy San Diego


San Diego comic con is still a thing for the next 2 years at least.  

San Diego comic con is still a thing for the next 2 years at least.  

Evade Gismo does San Diego comic con. North Americas largest comic con is upon us once again! Who wants to wait in line? 

I pity the fools that consider this a holiday, It is anything but relaxing here. Neck bearded mouth breathing nerds are common place now, they can be heard reciting Star Wars rhetoric verbatim while they wait in a 3 day line up for the panel Saturday. This is the hype trains last stop. If you pay close attention you can actually see the hypes residual fog laying thick and low over San Diegos gas lamp area like forest fire smoke. Dense and evenly distributed. I'm surprised more shit doesn't light on fire here given the incredible expectations and ensuing disappointments that the fanatics have nowadays.

This marks my 5th attended Comic Con in a row since meeting my wife.Compared to her I'm a rookie, for Camilla this is her 17th year in a row! It's the most exhausting 5 days of the year. We wake up early to get some sort of sustenance make our way to the con 5 blocks away and work the booth for 10 hrs. Then back to the hotel and immediately change and go out to some industry parties, drink schmooze, stay out late then donut all over again x4. Like every year we will be dispensing her wares at booth #4723 so don't be shy come and visit. 

So I'll be taking frequent breaks during the day to deliver any video game related newsy morsels I happen upon. Unfortunately I don't see myself having the time to line up for any panels this year. Maybe one if I can manage it. In fact I despise waiting in line, there is no celebrity I would ever wait in line to meet, no artist I would spend my standing or patience powers on. 

But this year, for the website, I'll suffer the crowds for some game demos and hopefully some VR as well as general tomfoolery. Fun pending...please stand by. 

P.s. Most posts this week will be attached to the Exceptionally tiny Instagram icon found at the bottom of our pages, living beside the Facebook icon...end communication.