Evade Gismo Supplemental files -01 - Audio documentation of stress testing the X- Files drinking game.

Myself and my lovely wife Camilla d'Errico began re watching the X-Files about a year and a half ago, even through the eyes of an adult the show has maintained its virtue. It was impossible not to notice  just how often Mulder and Scully say each others names (presumably because they sound really cool) but far more often than any show i've ever seen before, rivaled only by 'Rick and Morty.' We added in 'F.B.I.' and 'truth' to the drinking cues because were masochistic fools. Obviously this doesn't end well. Certainly do NOT attempt this game if you value your self respect. We attempted back to back episodes and...succeeded i suppose, although it didn't feel like it. 

What follows is a drunken downward spiral into the pitiless throws of intoxication which presented as a bit of an impromptu couples team building exercise. The 10 min clip begins about 15 min into the first episode of the newly aired season 10 and stammers on to the second episode in its entirety. Needless to say. IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THE EPISODES THEN 'FULL SPOILERS AHEAD.'

And don't listen to the haters out there. The show is just as it always has been: campy, dark and strangely captivating. Evade Gismo raises a glass to you Mulder (drink!) and Skully (drink!) welcome back!

The final tally:

Mulder: 23

Scully: 18

F.B.I. : 5

Truth: 6