It's an extremely rare affair (great name for a band btw) that anything decent or worth mentioning in film-land should come out of Canada. Sure we invented Basketball, the walkie-talkie, amplitude modulation, the fog horn, Hockey and coincidentally the Jock Strap. But its seldom heard that we would have the wits about us to produce a film that we might actually  be proud of. An NO, the guy who made 'Hobo with a Shotgun' had nothing to do with this one. Its from  first time director/ writers Francois Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell. The trailer is spot on, as so many trailers are no these days. It gives you just enough and leaves you wanting more. It's an art form all on its own and is executed perfectly here. A catchy 80's synth  soundtrack by LE MATOS punctuates a serious low budget Grindhouse  feel. The Villain you may recognize as the one and only Michael Ironside who had some interesting things to say about the Turbo Kid movie. If it gets the seal of approval from old Mike ya know its quality!

An exerpt from a 'Den Geek' interview with Michael Ironside

"So I read the script. I liked it a lot. I get about three or four jobs offered to me a week. Most of them are not very well written, and maybe half of them are not even financed, but if they have my name on it, then maybe they can get in the door somewhere and get financed. This one was different. I choose now based on the writing, first. Then, on the personalities of the storytellers, and then whether or not they are flexible enough to take input, because that was their first feature film, and I had done about 240 films, you know, at that time. I’m not bragging. I like to work."


 Turbo Kid was released yesterday in theaters to a limited release. From there website you can buy the movie or rent it. The 'buy now' icon doesn't seem to work so you can go to vimeo and buy it from there right hereIT'S TURBO TIME!