How we Review

"Well, that's just like....your opinion man."

Opinions, you got'em! Whether anyone really wants to hear them or not, so where do they go? Usually we deposit them into our own personal filing systems, where they are discerned, scrutinized and stored somewhere deep deep down in all that slimy electrically conductive grey stuff we call a Brain. Often they're donated and received unwillingly, like dumping a  bag of  soiled underpants onto good wills door step, other times we might find ourselves surprised to have our opinions actually received and recognized. One thing's certain though, were never gonna stop having them so we mid-as well donate them, to pretty much anyone with working ears who's willing to listen. 

Our intention with reviewing is to simply let you know what we think, that's it. Were not interested in  giving you an arbitrary number out of 10, we find that annoying and inaccurate. Where do those numbers come from exactly? Sure its a simple and easy way to measure an experience but do you talk to your friends like that? We don't.

Years ago 'Kotaku' came up with a wonderful way to review- 'should i play this game?' Yes or No? Simple, and so very easy, that's pretty much how its done in the real world..."Hey Kevin is Witcher 3 good? should i waste my time?" and the answer would be " YES, definitely do lock yourself in a room and waste all the time you can on it!"

We've come up with a review idea we wanna to try out, were going to begin with reviewing a game before it's even released. Stupid? maybe, the idea being that we will compare the before review with the final review and analyze our initial assumptions - what did the trailers show us, did they lie and what are people saying about it? 

For the second and final review were going to try out a court room style concept. All games will be considered innocent until proven to be guilty of being a shitty game.Prosecution and Defense will make Points and counterpoints for the accused. So the final verdict will be either 'Guilty' of being an abortion of a video game or 'Not Guilty' - otherwise a lovely and innocent piece of entertainment. Appeals will be considered if necessary. Will it work? we cant really say,  but were going to damn well try.