Welcome to EVADE GISMO

Welcome to Evade Gismo, blog of nerd-bros. Jordan and Tristan.

 We give a whole bunch of fucks about video games! I mean they pretty much raised us. We came up in the golden age of the home entertainment system and little has changed since we were mashing buttons at random until something on the screen moved or changed colour. We give a fuck about artwork, strong interesting narratives, challenging gameplay and innovative design. We often end up in lengthy conversations about that shitty game we played and what was wrong with it or the moment we realised we fell in love with a damn video game. We figured why the hell not put these thoughts somewhere public so likeminded friendlies such as yourselves might appreciate them. We hope to be of some benefit to the gaming community - discussions not about YOU SHOULD BUY THIS  or GRAFIX SOOO GUD, but more about WAS THAT ON PURPOSE?? and MY BRAIN JUST IMPLODED.

 We're allegedly grown-ass men now, with all the accommodating responsibilities: rent, pets ,jobs, ladyfriends. Non of which has stopped us from shoehorning in some game time. So there must be a reason why the interactive medium is such a damn pleasure for us after all these years, and that's what we're here to explore.

 Initially creating on strong, steady content is priority. The aesthetics of play & fun are more important to us than journalistic hype and speculation. As we grow we have visions of podcasts and a video channel for achieving exactly the same goal as writing articles but you'd get to listen to our whiney voices & look at our ugly faces instead.

 We would like to point Evade Gismo towards an older audience with little interest in candy coated content. No one is paying us to be here, we want to let you know what we think with no filters attached on a simple, clean interface. We hope to share with you some reflections that will cause you to reconsider some of your concepts about X game, or gaming in general.

 Through reviews, articles, videos and interviews we want to indulge you in game culture as we see it; in a fun concise and accurate way.Ultimately we just want to write about shit we care about and hopefully you won't mind reading it.



Evade Gismo is run and moderated by Jordan and Tristan Mowat.